Nigeria is looking to solar energy to solve off-grid power problems

Solar energy panels in the sunset

Hopes to reach a million homes

Nigeria is tackling an old problem, a chronic shortage of power supply, with a new solution — utilizing advances in solar energy technology.

Electricity problem are limiting growth in many African countries and Nigeria is no exception — up to 90 million in Nigeria live without power.

Focus is on off-grid homes

The Lighting Africa Project — a new initiative focused on helping people across Africa accessing better quality, affordable, clean lighting — will target homes in Nigeria that do not currently have access to the national grid and are largely without power.

According to Quartz, Nigeria will be taking various steps in the near future to reduce “dependence on kerosene lamps and gasoline-powered generators which pose various health and environmental risks.”

These efforts are in line with the recent, historic climate change agreement reached in Paris by a collection of world leaders just days ago.

Source → Quartz